Wow! No Kicking Here

september 21, 2005

I was complaining earlier about Business Week and their fluffy writing. I was also complaining about how Yahoo! seems to be company that gets kicked around while Google is held up like a saint. It's nice to see Business Week writing an article that deals with the facts (well laid out) and that does not spin the facts around to try to pummel Yahoo!.

It's not easy to operate in China, and Yahoo executives shouldn't lightly dismiss what role their company played in the imprisonment of Shi Tao. But at a time when other U.S. companies, including major rival eBay, are aggressively expanding in China, it's unfair to pummel Yahoo for not just walking the other way.
The first half of the article seemed like it was building up to Yet Another Yahoo! Bash Piece, but the reporter quickly gets on with the story and gets to the right the conclusion.

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