Battlestar Galactica Season Two Finale

september 23, 2005

I read an interview with Ronald Moore where he mentioned that the Battlestar Pegasus would be found and that it would be joining the fleet. What he did not mention was how the whole dynamic of the show would be changed by the introduction of the Battlestar Pegasus -- and how much better it would be! The second season of Battlestar Galactica was pretty good -- some of it not living up to the first season, but most of it better. The season was so good that it seemed to have gone by very quickly! Moore and company was keeping the best stuff for the end though. The season finale of Battlestar Galactica is the best episode of this season. The introduction of Admiral Cain has added a whole new dimension to the show, which was falling into a rut in the last few episodes. With the addition of the Pegasus and Admiral Cain, Moore and company can now explore a theme that interests me most: Humans' worst enemies are ourselves. With 55,000 or so humans left in the universe, the worst part of human nature comes out and they begin to fight with themselves. This theme was touched on earlier in the second season, but I think that Moore is setting up season three to tackle it head on -- and the fireworks will probably be great. Galactica has never been a sci-fi show, it is really a excellent drama that takes place in space. This season's finale has shown that it has not run out of steam and has a lot more to offer audiences in the next season. The drama was so good that even my wife was hooked on it and has said that she will start watching it next season with me. I look forward to January 2006 when Battlestar Galactica returns with new episodes. This is quality entertainment.

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