Palm Treo 700

september 24, 2005

I found a picture of the upcoming Palm Treo 700 and I must say that I am not impressed with the new look. Actually, I am very disappointed. It looks like a bastardized inbred phone that came from a Tungsten W and a Treo 650. The antenna is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen, why swap the antenna of the Treo 600/650 with the antenna from the Tungsten W? It looks terrible. Of course, the question is: Why have an external stub antenna anyways? After all these years, couldn't they have found a way to integrate the antenna inside the phone? Nokia does a great job of integrating the antenna inside phones and leaving nothing on the outside -- and Nokia phones get great reception to boot. So here's the thing, Palm's really screwed up the Treo line now. First, they used Windows Mobile 5.0, which is already the nail in the coffin. But, they come up with this ugly design that is hard on the eyes -- and with that antenna, looks like a childs toy. I am a fan of the Treo 600 (which I have) and the Treo 650 (which I would love to have). But, if this is the road that Palm is choosing to go down, I will start looking at different smartphones in the future and they won't have the Palm name on them. Some have said that it is better that Palm started using Windows Mobile 5.0 rather than die as a company. I say, I'd rather Palm go out on a high note rather than be remembered for the company that fizzled, and in the end had to give into their biggest competitor anyways. This is not going to be good for Palm, they messed up and missed the boat to release a truly great smartphone: One that ran Linux.

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