Not That It Helped...

september 25, 2005

I was strolling around the local CompUSA (nothing compared to a Fry's, but...) and saw that they had an omni-directional 5dbi 2.4GHz antenna on sale for $20. That's not too bad when other comparable antennas were selling for greater than $45. It came with the correct adapter so that I could hook it into my Airport Extreme. I thought it was going to help the Wifi reception of my VAIO PCG-SRX7S. When I got it all hooked up and going, the reception on my SRX7S? Still crappy! Everything else? Awesome! My Powerbook G4 gets 100% signal in the livingroom now (when it used to get around 75-80%). Looks promising for everything except my VAIO. How crappy is that? Oh well. Hopefully the wireless bridge I have hooked into the PS2 (and Xbox) will perform better also.

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