Here's One Way To Completely Destroy Your Brand Name...

september 26, 2005

The brand Tommy Hilfiger is being shopped around and Wal-Mart is one of the suitors. Now that is one brilliant way to kill a brand: Sell it to Wal-Mart. See, as things work in the world: Buying a mid- to high-end brand like Hilfiger does not bring Wal-Mart's cheap-and-unfashionable image out of the gutter. Rather, such a move will drag the Hilfiger image down into the gutter. Now, the ironic thing here is that if Hilfiger were to be sold to the more fashionable Target, it would not hurt the Hilfiger brand name at all. Wal-Mart has pounded the "low prices" crap into the brains of the world and just because it gets a brand like Hilfiger it does no good to overcoming the image of being 21st century bluelight sale store.

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