Yahoo! Publisher Network vs. Google AdSense

september 26, 2005

This is a comparison of Yahoo! Publisher Network vs. Google AdSense. A while back, I switched over to YPN to give it a shot, I wrote an earlier comparison, but thought that it would be good to revisit the comparison after I had an almost equal amount of Ad Impressions served. Yesterday, I reached 6,600 ad impressions on YPN. At AdSense, I had 6,000 impressions. That's close enough (within 10%) for a comparison. So what do the numbers look like? Impressions: YPN/6675, GA/5993 Clicks: YPN/20, GA/42 ClickThroughRate: YPN/0.3%, GA/0.7% CPM: YPN/$1.16, GA/$1.25 Those are the metrics that they give on their websites. Here is the metric that makes YPN worth more to me: Earnings Per Click. You can see that the Click Through Rate of Google AdSense is twice as much as Yahoo! Publisher Network. This is mainly because YPN is still in beta and the targetting code is probably still being worked on (don't quote me on that because I have no idea what the YPN guys are doing). But, if you look at the Earnings Per Click, you can see why for any sized site it would be more profitable to run YPN: YPN: $0.387 GA: $0.179 Yahoo! Publisher Network brings in twice the money per click as Google AdSense -- at least on my site. For now that makes up for the lower click rate, but once they get the targetting correct, that will mean that I will be able to make twice as much money using Yahoo! Publisher Network as I do using Google AdSense. That sounds really good to me.

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