How I Hate Microsoft

september 27, 2005

Internet Explorer is a piece of garbage. That is my statement and that is what I'll stand by. I tested my CSS layout code for the in-article ad last night with: Firefox (Mac and Win), Safari and Opera (Mac and Win). The layout looks perfect in all of them -- the ad was right where it should be. This morning, just for a sanity check, I checked with IE and the layout looks all wrong. IE has a "float bug" (just Yahoo! Search the term) and it makes things difficult for website designers. What else is new in the world? Microsoft following standards? Never! Here is another example of it. Instead of having the ad being in the article, with the inline text wrapping around it, the ad sits above the article. It's like the ad is not even floating, the ad is just positioned to the right and above the content. So, I tried to "fix" it by trying some hacks out there. None of them worked for what I was trying to do. The questions I had to answer for myself were: Since a majority of users are using IE, should I go back to the old style ad (leaderboard) or stick with what I want? Should I cave into the non-standards compliant Microsoft or just go my own way and stick with standards? My answer? Screw Microsoft! I am going to leave things as they are. If you are using IE and the page looks funny to you: Blame Microsoft for putting out such a pieces of crap browser that doesn't implement standards correctly! Then switch to Firefox. I hate Microsoft.

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