TrustedFlash...MagicGate...They're All The Same

september 28, 2005

SanDisk announced that they have integrated digital rights management (DRM) into a flash memory card. So? Sony has been doing it for years with MagicGate on their MemorySticks. Sure, MemorySticks were not picked up by many -- but at this point, not many have signed up for TrustedFlash either. To kick off the launch of TrustedFlash, a Rolling Stones album, "A Bigger Bang" will be released on microSD and also miniSD. The price? $39.99. No thanks, I can get it at Amazon for $13.29 on CD -- then I can rip it to MP3s and listen to it on my iPods, Powerbook G4, and whatever other music playing machines I have. Another view on the whole TrustedFlash thing is that "mobile operators may resist adopting phones with TrustedFlash slots because they don't want subscribers to be able to buy music or other content from retail stores instead of their own multimedia services." And if you don't have the support of mobile operators, then you won't get any support for mobile handset makers -- which ultimately puts TrustedFlash where MagicGate is: Nowhere.

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