october 4, 2005

Those mobsters known as the RIAA (you know, the gaggle of lawyers who are suing up to 15,000 people for downloading music) are themselves being sued. The suit was filed in an Oregon court by Tanya Andersen, a 42-year old single mother who was accused by the RIAA of downloading gangster rap at 4:24am one day. She says that she does not listen to gangster rap and she does not stay up at 4:24am downloading that kind of music. She is suing the RIAA for trying to extort money out of her -- rightly so as she was told by the RIAA that either she could settle with the RIAA or face a lot of expensive litigation. Count 8 in her suit "accuses the RIAA of breach of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organisation (RICO) laws. The document says: 'The record companies directed its agents to unlawfully break into private computers and engage in extreme acts of unlawful coercion, extortion, fraud, and other criminal conduct. The record companies and their agents stood to financially benefit from these deceptive and unlawful acts.'" Now, ain't that a bit ironic?

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