Who's Bullying Who?

october 4, 2005

Is Microsoft the bully or is Google the bully? With all of the latest moves from Google, it would seem that Google has started its journey to becoming the new tech bully -- even bullying around Microsoft! First, Google steals hires away Microsoft minions employees. That whole deal with the Chinese dude could have happened to any other company. I mean, Google just hired a guy right? And stuff like releasing an IM client and personalize homepage really challenge more than just MSN properties. Today will go down in the history books as the day that David Google directly challenges Goliath Microsoft. Today, Google announced its partnership with Sun. Part of the partnership is to distribute (and I assume promote) OpenOffice.org. I use OpenOffice.org and love it, it is a free OpenSource office suite (word processor, spreadsheet, database, drawing, etc). OpenOffice.org has not caught on like wildfire yet, but I am sure if Google attaches its name to it, it'll start to get some real attention -- and attention is what OpenOffice.org needs because it is good software. OpenOffice.org is a direct competitor with Microsoft's cash cow Office. So, how's that for a direct poke in the eye? It will be fun to see how hard Google has stoked Microsoft's fire with this move. I bet Steve Ballmer has nothing but explicatives for this move.

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