Slight Downtime

october 6, 2005

Ok, the ultramookie box itself was not down, just my link to the net -- and even that wasn't down. My buddy Mike gave me a nice Juniper Networks Netscreen 5GT firewall yesterday and I have been working hard at getting it all configured as the replacement for my old m0n0wall firewall. I have most of the stuff configured and it seems to be working now. The thing that had it offline for an hour or so was that I had setup "management" on the untrusted side and that erased all my VIP (Virtual IP) stuff, which is basically port forwarding. I did not notice until I saw nothing in the email and http logs for the last hour! Sorry for the downtime. Thanks Mike for the firewall! It works great! I still have some reading to do in order to figure out some of the deeper functions. There's nothing more satisfying than a piece of network equipment that is in a nice solid metal case and has a honest console port!

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