T-Mobile SMTP Needs Authentication Now

october 9, 2005

This is mainly for my notes, but feel free to partake in the information. It looks like T-Mobile has turned on SMTP AUTH for their SMTP server myemail.t-mobile.com. In order to send email now, you'll have to turn on SMTP AUTH (some phones may not support). Here is how you log in: Your username will be your 10-digit number, then ":", then 1 or 2 or 3 depending on which account you're using. So, if you log into t-mobile.com, then go to your email account section. You'll be able to setup t-mobile.com to check three POP accounts. Just set it up to check one account (whatever junk account, like Gmail or whatnot). Then you'll have one account setup, that will be "1". So, your username for login will be 4081234567:1. The password for logging in will be the password of the POP account.

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