Ouch, Feedster, What Went Wrong?

october 12, 2005

I woke up and took a quick look at the traffic graphs for ultramookie and saw that there was some serious traffic on the wire -- and since ultramookie is not the most popular blog on the net, the traffic was a bit suspicious. When I looked in my logs, I found the traffic-leech: Feedster. The Feedster crawler had been a pleasant one for the longest time, what happened? The crawler was hitting my box every 5-10 seconds and try to grab at all kinds of rss feeds, even trying to grab those that have not existed for months. I don't know what's wrong with the Feedster crawler, but that kind of traffic-leeching attitude is not welcome on my box. Feedster crawler, welcome to the penalty box for a little bit (in other words, say hello to dropped packets).

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