San Jose Museum of Art

october 13, 2005

I visited the San Jose Museum of Art with my wife today -- the second time together and third time total for me. The San Jose Museum of Art is the San Francisco Bay Area's gem of a musuem -- that I think not many know about or have visited. Admission is free and the art work is beautiful. The reason for today's visit was so that we could see the Sandow Birk exhibit titled "Divine Comedy". There was already one painting from Birk there titled "Inferno" that had attracted my attention to the artist. When the mailer came (I am a SJMA member) telling me that they were going to have a Birk exhibit, I all but jumped at the chance to check out Birk's other art. It was a great exhibit! I loved it. The exhibit will be at the SJMA until January 8, 2006 -- don't miss it. There was a second exhibit that was quite disturbing, yet strangely interesting. It was titled Brides of Frankenstein and you'll have to see it to understand it. Very provocative.

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