Car Battery

october 17, 2005

So this last weekend (and the weekend before), I travelled with my my wife out to Bakersfield, CA. The place is not as big of a metro area as San Jose, CA, but still it has a few places to hang out -- especially when the wife is working and I have free time. On Sunday, I had just checked out of the hotel and hung out for a while at the CompUSA and Barnes and Nobles on California Ave. Looking forward to dropping by the wife's office and hanging out in the back while playing SSX On Tour on my PSP, I jumped into my car. When I turned the key, nothing. Not a hiccup, not a spark. My battery was completely dead. The lights on the dash flickered a little, the CD player kept resetting itself, but the engine wouldn't fire up. Thank goodness for AAA who had a truck over to the parking lot in 40 minutes (and thanks to my cousin Simon and his girlfriend for stopping by to hang out with me while I waited for the truck). AAA jumped my car and we all went over to Sears where I got an "express" battery change -- not too express because it took just shy of two hours for them to get to my car. Now my car is running fine with a Die Hard Gold battery inside (three year warranty to boot!)

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