The Death of Google...

october 17, 2005

The death of Google will come not in the hands of Yahoo! Search or any other search engine. No, the death of Google will come from Wikipedia. For those of you who have yet to try Wikipedia, go do it now. It is a user-generated encyclopedia of information that spans multiple languages and millions of topics. It is the best thing to hit the Internet in a long time -- even better than all the AJAX word processors that seemed to have popped up recently. See, Google's forte is search and people still go there to search for stuff. Want to know about the Qur'an? Google will give you lots of results, but that is just what they are: A sea of cluttered results. The same search over at Wikipedia turns up a nicely written and editted article about the Qur'an, with an index, lots of pictures, and a good human-edited list of links to visit for more information. Once this Wikipedia thing catches on, it will be the end of Google. To have information nicely organized and edited by humans is invaluable. To have a sea of information returned (and a bunch of it being spammie) is not quite as helpful. At the heart of places like Yahoo! and MSN is not their search engines, so Wikipedia will not hurt them much -- but, a huge part of Google's business (95% or more) is dependent on search, so this will be a big deal for them as Wikipedia's popularity grows.

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