360, It Really Works!

october 21, 2005

So, for the longest time, I was trying to convince my wife and sister to blog. "Yeah, it's fun." I told them. But, they never did it. I think there's a few reasons why:

  1. It was not easy (even though I would be setting up the software for them).
  2. It was a solitary thing: You do it, people may or may not come. You never know if they do. Blogging with some of the other places was not very socially linked together.
  3. There were not so many features in the blogging software out there. Even good ones like Wordpress that I use here on ultramookie.com
But, somehow I convinced my wife to start using Yahoo! 360. She really likes blogging there -- and part of it, I think is that it is fun and she can add a picture per blog posting pretty easily. It really got busy when I convinced my sister to start blogging at Yahoo! 360 also! The beauty of Yahoo! 360 is that everyone is linked together in (here comes one of those buzz terms) a social network. My wife is linked to my sister as friends, and they are linked to me as friends. It doesn't stop there though! Now my wife has convinced her friends to join and my sister has gotten her friends to join. And even my mom has joined Yahoo! 360 so that she can keep up with everyone else (haven't convinced her to start bloggin yet though). What else is good is that Yahoo! has gone ahead and linked their Flickr and Yahoo! Local properties into Yahoo! 360 seamlessly. And because of that, my wife has taken to writing restaurant reviews in Yahoo! Local now also. Brilliant, I tell you. It is really working now, at least with the social network that includes my family, it has reached critical mass and we all read each other's blogs and comment in each other blogs. It feels like a social network that is actually alive and it just makes the whole experience that much more fun.

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