September Referral Statistics...

october 22, 2005

I saw Jeremy's posting with numbers for his October referrals and figured I'd make a nice Excel chart also. The chart above shows the numbers for September (since October really isn't over yet) 2005, it is based on the numbers reported by my logs and culled through webstats. It only takes into account the top 100 referrers. The chart comes from anything but a scientific study, so take it with a grain of salt. Just like Jeremy, the differences in numbers is startlingly. The differences are really different when compared to those that are reported by other places. Usually, I see the reports saying that Google has around 37-39% of the market, while Yahoo! has some 33% or so. The rest is given to MSN and AOL. It's weird how it breaks down for my site. Hell, I included Jeremy's referrals just to show that MSN and AOL put together barely beat the number of referrals that Jeremy's site sends over.

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