Yahoo! Music Unlimited Price Going Up

october 24, 2005

Yahoo! is going to be raising the price for the "to go" part of their Yahoo! Music Unlimited on Novemeber 1. Yahoo! dramatically undercut Napster and RealNetworks when they unleashed their $6.99 (charged monthly) per month subscription rate to the Yahoo! Music service. The price was way below that of Napster and RealNetworks (their pricing floated around $15 or $16 a month with the "to go" option). The "to go" option is the option to transfer music from your computer to a compatible player (no, the iPod is not support on any of the three services). Yahoo! will be boosting the price of the music service with the "to go" option from $6.99 to $11.99 on November 1. For those of us who are signed up to pay a year ahead of time, the $4.99/mo (or $60/year) will go up to $9.99/mo (or $120/year). So, your best bet to enjoy the less expensive rates is to sign up for the $4.99/mo annual plan before Novemeber 1 rolls around. The Yahoo! Music Unlimited service is well worth the money (even at the new rates) if you love to listen to music.

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