Gameboy Micro...

october 26, 2005

I sold off my Gameboy Advance SP and got a Gameboy Micro. I got one for my wife also! I poked fun at the Micro earlier this year saying in jest: "by giving GBA consumers a smaller screen and a different looking piece of the same hardware that will convince them to buy a GBA all over again." Apparently, I was completely wrong. You have to see this thing in person to realize how significant the form factor changes have been. I have had three different Nintendo Gameboys before the Micro: The original black and white, the original Gameboy Avance with it's terrible screen and the Gameboy Advance SP. The screen on the Micro is a lot smaller than the other three but it is so bright and clear. The unit is so small that it is easy to put in a pocket and run out the door. I love my PSP, don't get me wrong, but I can't imagine shoving that thing in my pocket and going out -- especially when it is encased in the Logitech PlayGear case. There is no comparison between the two systems, one is big and powerful, the other is small and casual. Will I game more because the Micro is so accessible? Probably, I can carry it around with me for those short moments. I wish that I could carry my PSP with me everywhere and play Burnout Legends, but that really isn't a reality. Which do I like better? PSP, hands down. Which will I use more? I think I'll use both equally. The PSP more around the house (and if I go on long trips). The Gameboy Micro more around town and casually.

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