Motorola Razr

october 31, 2005

I picked up a Motorola Razr today from Fry's today (damn you Fry brothers for setting up such a tech-happy shop!). It's a nice phone, much smaller than my Treo 600. The aluminum casing matches quite nicely with my Apple Powerbook 15". The UI is typical Motorola UI -- in other words, mediocre to terrible, but still oddly usable. Motorola should take a UI design class from Samsung and Nokia some day. The screen on the Razr is amazingly bright, sharp and large. Very impressive. The phone feels pretty sturdy also. More on the phone later when I get more of a chance to play with it and use it. I am keeping my Treo 600 though, I like the smartphone and I know I'll want to switch back to using it from time to time.

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