Out With Arnuld The Wal-Mart Supporter

october 31, 2005

Arnold Schwarzenegger may have been an actor in a previous life, but we all have to remember: He was not that great of an actor. Now that he's living the life of the Governor of California and trying his acting skills in that office, we're starting to see: He is not that great of a governor. He used his charm and acting skills to con the state into voting for him, then he turned his back on all of the things he promised and spoke about. Remember his whole spiel about not taking money from big business? He'd be different from all those other politicians, he said while campaigning. Well, he's taken lots of money from big business, but it is turning out that he's taken a lot of money from one of the biggest businesses in the world: Wal-Mart. This article is an eye-opener on just how corrupt the Governor of California is (and what money can buy). Wal-Mart has given Arnold about $1 million in the past year to his favored causes as he vetoed legislation aimed at the company.

One union-backed bill, which Schwarzenegger vetoed early in October, would have forced the state to disclose names of companies whose workers get government health services meant for poor residents. A second bill, vetoed last year, would have stopped employers from locking workers inside workplaces - a policy Wal-Mart has when employees stock shelves and clean floors after closing hours.

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