Check Out What I Have Been Searching On...

november 6, 2005

I have been using MyWeb2 a lot more nowadays to keep track of places that I have visited on the Internet. MyWeb2 is Yahoo!'s version of, it allows you to save bookmarks during your journeys on the Internet and share them. It is really a pretty cool tool since I can save bookmarks that I don't want to put into my Bookmarks menu -- because of clutter. I can also search within the set of bookmarks that I have saved to MyWeb2, instead of the whole Yahoo! Search index. I can block searches from my searches using the handy "block" link. I can also browse around at what my friend's have been saving into their MyWeb2s and also at what the whole MyWeb2 community has been saving -- this gives me a lot of random stuff to look at, which I would have otherwise missed. And the best thing is that I get a RSS feed of the stuff that I have saved in MyWeb2. So, if you are interested in what I am interested in (because I tend to search heavily on stuff that I am currently obsessed about), then check out this page: Mookie's MyWeb2.

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