Be Humble And All Will Be Good

november 7, 2005

I love my employer Yahoo!, this and this is not what Yahoo! stands for. From JR:

Oh, and for what it's worth, this probably didn't come from corporate. Each group has an internal promotional budget and a fair amount of leeway with what they can do. Sometimes it's clever, sometimes it's not, sometimes someone needs to get a dope slap.
I am saddened and outraged that something like this has come out. It does not reflect what Yahoo! stands for and what we as Yahoos stand for. Yes, we know we have competition and that will drive us to create bigger and better things. Internally, we have a list of things that "We Do Not Value" and one of them is "Arrogance". I hope something is done with the plaque as it does not follow what we value in the company. This is truly outrageous. I agree with JR when he says, "Be humble. Let your products and customers talk for you." The new Yahoo! Mail is pretty damned cool and it speaks for itself, we definitely don't need something this immature to "promote" it. Sigh. Update 5:30pm: Apparently all the complaining caught someone's attention. The statue and plaque are gone (I wonder if it'll show up on Ebay soon. Ha!) Hmm...I just checked the pictures of the statue, plaque and stickers -- those have been removed also. The stickers on the chairs are still around, but I have a feeling that they will all get pulled sometime soon. The talk about all of this will probably last for a while longer.

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