Keeping My Mobile Number Mine

november 7, 2005

My mobile number is mine. The only people that have it are the ones that need it -- and that is it. I keep it private because I pay for both incoming and outgoing minutes, and those are pretty expensive. The other reason is that I carry my mobile phone with me everywhere and don't need to be getting unnecessary calls. So, this all brings me to Google. Starting with Gmail, it looks like Google is requiring the use of one's mobile number to get access to their services. I was lucky and was invited to Gmail before they started this whole "we need your mobile number" for security stuff. But, for those of you who want to sign up for Gmail now, you'll have to give up your mobile number so that you can get a confirmation SMS message. Google just released their Google Local for Mobile, which as you guessed it, almost* requires that you punch in your mobile number in order to take advantage of it. (* If you don't want to give up your mobile number to try Google Local for Mobile, then visit the URL from your mobile phone's WAP browser. Select Other|Generic and pick either MIDP1 or MIDP2). I tried GLM and with the basic data plan from T-Mobile, it don't work at all -- probably because T-Mobile is blocking port 80. Anyways, back to my point: My mobile number is mine. I don't like how Google (and some other companies) are trying to get my mobile number. And, before everyone bitches: If they require my mobile number to gain access to a service, I don't sign up for the service. I look elsewhere for the same service because on the internet, there's always someone else who is doing the same thing. Leave mobile numbers private.

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