Samsung SGH-E635

november 10, 2005

I just got my new Motorola RAZR V3 and my wife just had to get a new phone also! It looks like Eileen and I are the kind of Asians who upgrade their "accessory" phones every year (although, I think I do it more often). Eileen got her most recent phone, the Samsung SGH-E315 phone last December. It was almost the same as the phone she originally got when she joined with T-Mobile (the Samsung SGH-E105, but had some substantial upgrades -- the biggest being the built-in camera. You see, my wife is Korean and she only buys Korean phones -- although she will deny it if asked. Her first phone was a Samsung SCH-3500 on the Sprint PCS network, which was a great phone until it started acting up. My wife then upgraded to the Samsung SPH-N200, it was a great phone, but unfortunately Sprint PCS sucks bollocks. So, we left Sprint PCS and that's when she got her SGH-E105. Anyways, enough with the Samsung phone history of my wife. She has been looking at Samsung slider phones ever since I showed her the Samsung SGH-D415 last December. It is unfortunate that the original Samsung slider phone stunk and was pretty ugly, so she never got it. This August, Samsung released the SGH-E635. My wife spotted the new phone a few days ago in a gadget magazine. She has been talking about it ever since and has even done quite a bunch of research on the phone. Last night after we got some Cinnabon (yum!), we went to the T-Mobile corporate store at the Oakridge shopping mall and asked the guy what kind of discount we would get. I have been with T-Mobile for almost four years now and my wife about three. The price at the corporate was $280 and the nice gentleman there informed us that we would get a whopping $0 discount on the phone with a one-year contract extension. WTF? When we got home, I looked on Amazon to see what kind of price they had for the phone without activation or contract extension. They had the phone priced at $250. Not bad at all since there was no shipping charge. But, still, I thought we could get a better deal at Fry's Electronics. So, this morning I stopped by the Campbell location to see what the price on the phone was. The tag for the display model said $280 just like the T-Mobile corporate store, but the actual sticker on the box was $200! Whoa! I could not pick up the phone because I did not have my credit card with me. This evening, after running some errands in Milpitas, my wife and I stopped by the Fry's on Brokaw Road to pick up the phone because my wife was just itching to get her hands on a new slider phone -- she won't let me do a video of her doing the slider motion, it is very amusing. When we picked up the box, it was labelled as $230! Unacceptable. So, we talked with the manager in that department and he spent a good 20 minutes trying to get the price from the person at the Campbell location. Finally, we got the phone for the amazing low price of $200. Yes, $80 off of what the T-Mobile corporate store would have sold it to us for with a one-year contract extension. Not a bad deal. My wife played with the phone briefly and she feels that she needs to learn about it more before blogging about on her own blog. I think she really likes her new Samsung phone, it is the fifth in her line of Samsung phones.

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