Cheap T-Mobile Samsung SGH-E635

november 12, 2005

Apparently Fry's Electronics does not really care that they will lose money on mislabelled items. On Wednesday, Eileen got a Samsung SGH-E635 for really cheap because of a Fry's mistake. After the guy helping us at the Brokaw Fry's got the mislabelled price from the guy at the Hamilton Fry's, he clearly told that guy to relabel those boxes -- because they were $30 under the actual price. Today, Eileen was shopping at the Fry's Hamilton store for Christmas gifts and on a whim went over to the T-Mobile section to look at the phones to see if they were relabelled. Nope. Still $200 each. If you are in the San Jose area and are looking for a really good deal on a really nice phone, go to the Fry's location on Hamilton. They have two of these fine phones still marked at the unbelievable low price of $200!

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