november 15, 2005

Ok, there are some shows that are so bad that I can't watch them anymore (Alias). Then there are the shows that are so bad that I have to watch them to see how much worse they will get. An example is FOX's show Reunion. I caught up with the show last night after getting duped into thinking that there was going to be some big revelations. The only revelation I got was how terrible and fluffy TV writing and truly get. The situations in this show borderline random. Nothing fits in with anything else. The storylines in the past have little to anything to do with what is happening in the present. And there are some serious cliches (bitchy Hollywood actress) and pathetic coincidences (cop's relationship to the priest). This show is terribly bad and yet I find myself watching. It is definitely not on my "must watch" list of TV shows, but it'll stay on the DVR for those moments what I have: 1) Run out of DVR stuff to watch and 2) run out of Netflix movies to watch. If this posting has made you think about watching Reunion, don't even try. The show is so insanely complicated that trying to jump in midseason is impossible. The show is so insanely complicated that I don't think the writers and producers know what is happenning.

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