Baseball, A Bunch of Losers

november 16, 2005

Do baseball players take steroids? Yes. Should something be done to stop this? Yes. Is the MLB doing anything about it? No. The MLB just came up with new "standards" for 'roid usage. The new standards basically say that if you are caught once using steroids (or amphetamines), you'll get suspended for 50 games. If you are caught twice, you'll be suspended for 100 games. If you are caught three times, then you'll be banned for life (although, after two years, you can petition to play again). What kind of rules and standards are these? If you go to work for any company, you have to take a drug test. Does the company say that you can't work for 50 days if you are caught using drugs? No! Your ass is out on the streets because of it. Why should it be different for those high-paid losers whose job is to hit a ball with a stick? Hell, it should be more stringent for MLB players. They should not be using steroids, amphetamines, or any other ILLEGAL substances! If you are caught, you're banned from the MLB for life and your ass goes to jail for using an illegal substance. What is this three strikes and you're out crap (and with the option to petition to play after two years)? That is a bunch of crap. I stopped watching baseball a long time ago after the high-paid players striked to get even more money. This really doesn't make me want to start watching any time soon. What a bunch of losers. Oh, and you don't think I should be lumping the non-steroid users with the steroid users? Well, the non-steroid users should petition for a zero-tolerance policy if they are so clean.

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