Gregarius and Open-Source...

november 17, 2005

I had been using tiny-rss for a while as a replacement for Bloglines. But, tiny-rss didn't work so well with Safari (or maybe it was the other way around), so I went back to using Bloglines for the last two weeks. I finally got frustrated with Bloglines yesterday and went looking for a replacement -- I cannot figure out the refresh frequency of Bloglines, it took it over 24 hours to pick up a story that I had posted. Anyways, last night I setup Gregarius to try out and it seemed like a decent reader. I woke up this morning to check my news, Gregarius works pretty well but there were some niggling things that bugged me and that's where the "open-source" part of this post comes into play. The top header of Gregarious is HUGE. I mean "Gregarious" is written in what looks to be a 24pt font at the top and that scoots everything else (like the news and channels) down the page -- making me scroll around to read the news. Also, there is some serious padding going on with the channel listing, again making me scroll around to find things. Anyways, thank goodness all the source was open-source, I just opened up the index.php file and whacked the "Gregarious" part. I opened up the two css files and changed the padding to 0. And now, I have a news reader that looks and feels the way I like it, all thanks to the piece of software being open-sourced! Nice!

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