Sony's IVE

november 17, 2005

IVE? What is that? It's Sony's new VoIP and Video Conferencing software. Not a very catchy name, but it shows that Sony knows where communication is heading. You can check out Sony IVE here. It looks like Sony did not actually write this software (good thing) and it also looks like Sony's designers had nothing to do with the website (bad thing). Glowpoint is the company that did the software and website for Sony. Being that in general Sony software engineers suck, it is a great thing that Sony engineers did not write this software. But, Sony designers have a great eye for making things look cool -- and it is embarassing clear that the website was not done by Sony (which, hopefully it will be revamped). Sony has a great lineup of video conferencing hardware -- and I mean this stuff really does kick ass, it is expensive corporate equipment that gets the job done. It looks like there are hooks for the IVE software to tie in with these systems (look at the IVE Plans, and you'll see a IVE Professional plan that allows for these types of connections). It may seem like Sony has something good going here if people can overlook the fact that there are a lot of other well-established companies already doing VoIP and even doing video conferencing (Yahoo!, Skype, etc).

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