Xbox 360, Ut-Oh?

november 18, 2005

Xbox 360, Ut-Oh? And the "Ut-Oh" is not for us, but for Microsoft. CNN has its review of the Xbox 360 up and so does NY Post. Neither of them are that great, especially for Microsoft. Just so that I don't get a whole slew of angry comments from hardcore gamers: If you have already pre-ordered your Xbox 360 and/or stood in line for forty-hours to get one, stop reading now. This posting is for the casual games and/or the parents of kids who want to get the new Xbox 360 for Christmas. Both reviews convey the same sentiments, the Xbox 360 is too expensive, there aren't enough games to show the Xbox 360 off, there are some nasty hidden costs and some parents will be sorely disappointed if they want to give their kids backwards compatibility. Here's the breakdown:

The authors suggest that parents and casual gamers hold off on their Xbox 360 purchases and wait. There will be competition next year from Sony and Nintendo. This will give people something to compare with the Xbox 360, and possibly start a price war. I for one will be waiting to see what the Sony PS3 will be like before making any decisions. And this is what most people said may happen if Microsoft releases their Xbox 360 early: Wait-and-See Crowd. Yes, Microsoft has a good install base with the hardcore gamers, those people will have already pre-ordered. The problem is that Microsoft is going to have problems with those who are more casual about gaming. $399 is a big price to pay for a gaming console, especially one with launch games that aren't much better than the current crop of consoles.

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