I Finally Played the Xbox 360

november 19, 2005

And I think it is nice, but I definitely won't be spending $400 on it anytime soon. I played the demo version of Call of Duty 2 at Circuit City tonight. The graphics were nice, better than the Xbox and PS2, but somehow...I was a bit underwhelmed. Maybe it is because of all the hype that Microsoft has stirred up, and in return the high anticipation of "super awesome greatness" from the Xbox 360. All I know is that I am going to hold off on the Xbox 360 to see how the Sony PS3 and Nintendo Revolution are. I have visions of Christmas 2000. Sega embarked on releasing their Dreamcast console onto the market earlier than Sony did the PS2. The Dreamcast was technologically superior than the PS2 in many ways (the biggest being that it had twice as much VRAM and a modem). Fanboys around the world scrambled to get their Dreamcasts while non-fanboys (ie. parents and casual gamers) stayed home and waited for the PS2 to be released. Will this same scenario happen to the Xbox 360? We already know that the Xbox fanboys have pre-ordered, or are going to be waiting in line for the Xbox 360. But, the real question is: Where will the parents and casual gamers going to be? Has Microsoft done enough to convice those people that getting the Xbox 360 is worth $400?

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