Microsoft Glitches and Arrogance

november 24, 2005

Ok, I know we all joked when the original Xbox came out: Whoa, just wait, in standard Microsoft style, the Xbox will crash a lot. And to the surprise of most of us, the original Xbox did not crash that much. Now that the new Xbox 360 has hit the market, there have been many reports of the Xbox 360 crashing like mad. You'd figure that a company like Microsoft would come out with an apology and a statement saying that they are working on correcting this issue -- and maybe even that they would be updating the Xbox 360 soon to fix the crashes. Maybe that would be the statements coming from a different company, but for Microsoft it was this arrogant statement:

It's a few reports of consoles here and there not working properly. It's what you would expect with a consumer electronics instrument of this complexity .... par for the course.
Whut? I am glad I didn't buy an Xbox 360, have it crash on me lots, and then get slapped in the face with a statement that blatantly says:
Hey, you just spent more than $500 on a console and games. You are one of the ones screwed cause your Xbox 360 crashes. We (Microsoft) expect things to crash because we rushed it to the market. We even had internal studies to find out the percentage, that's why we can come out with an official statement deeming that the crashes (like yours) are "par for the course." Thanks for being a sucker!
Microsoft should know better than that, especially since they are still the underdog in the console race. Maybe the hardcore Xbox fanboys will be OK with such an arrogant statement, but when this gets into the mainstream, it will only leave one message on everyone's minds: The Xbox 360 is crash happy and Microsoft has no plans to fix it. Call 1-800-4myXbox for a replacement please. Yeesh.

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