Gadget Soft Spot

november 25, 2005

There are a few gadgets that I love having...Mobile phones (recent), PDAs (kind of stopped), MP3 players (happy with iPod shuffle nowadays), and watches. Watches have been my favourite collector's item for a long time, since I was in high school. I have had lots of watches in my lifetime. I suffered through the early 90's Guess watch craze -- I still have two or three in a drawer somewhere (hideous looking watches now that I look at them). The mid-90's was the Swatch craze. I have an old Tasmanian Devil Armitron (dead battery), an old Fossil (my first analog/digital watch), and a Swatch Irony Blue that I got in Hong Kong a few years ago. The Swatch Irony Blue is actually still pretty cool, it is a big heavy Stainless Steel watch with a scratch on the crystal and a dead battery (like most of my old watches). Maybe I'll replace the battery in the Irony Blue and start wearing it again. Sometime in the late 90's I started working at Sony, all the engineers there were wearing G-Shocks. So, I just had to get one too. My first was a bright yellow DW-003, which is the very basic of basic G-Shocks. I wore that for a while and picked up a G-lide watch from Fry's. It was a gray/tan watch that I have since lost (I think it is in my parent's garage somewhere). I have a G-100 anti-magetic analog G-Shock that I got in Manhattan, which I still wear. Although my new GW-1500A-9V is a very cool watch with it's radio-control time sync and solar recharging, one of my prized G-Shocks is my Raysman. One of the exchange engineers from Japan brought this over for me a few years ago, it is the very first solar G-Shock. The model number is DW-9350 and module number 1584. This is a big (and I mean seriously big) G-Shock that has a tough glass magnifying crystal on the front and fat buttons. It is bright yellow with metal tags on the strap that read "Yacht Timer". This is one seriously cool watch that I still wear from time to time (I wore it on my honeymoon to Hawaii). The G's are not the only watches in rotation for my wrist nowadays though. I have a very, very cool (and just as large as the Raysman) Breitling Aeromarine Chrono Avenger M1 (yes, long name too!). This is a titanium beast. My father-in-law gave this beautiful watch to me when I got engaged to his daughter. I love this watch. The other titanium watch that I have is a Eco-drive (solar) watch from Citizen. It is a Eco-drive Skyhawk Titanium that I bought for myself for my birthday three years ago. It is also a beautiful watch (I love the yellow second hand) that I wear a lot. Yes, watches have a soft spot in my heart (and my wallet). I think I'll continue to get watches over time because they are so cool. Maybe one day, I'll get myself one of those titanium, atomic and solar G-Shocks that look so cool. Anyways, the most ironic thing about all of this is that I am always late...Strange...

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