Yahoo! Mail Test Results

november 29, 2005

Looks like Jeremy has wrapped up his testing of Gmail and Yahoo! Mail. His testing ran 60 days and covered both. I started testing 31 days ago and only for Squirrelmail and Yahoo! Mail (beta). For the most part, I agree with the points that Jeremy makes about the new Yahoo! Mail (which, I will write again, is still in beta and testing, so these things should get better). First, the interface is a bit slow and unoptimized. There is a certain lag to the interface that can drive one nuts: When loading, it takes long time to load (on broadband). And while it is loading, it seems to freeze up my Firefox until it is completely loaded. The other times that it is slow enough to be annoying is when I try to drag and drop a message to a folder. Sometimes, it'll work great. Sometimes, it'll not pick up the mouse click and I have to try again. Also, sometimes when I click a message, the preview pane will not load the message -- or will take a while to get it loaded. Actually, other than the speed (which I am sure they will fix), there is nothing else that really bugs me about Yahoo! Mail Beta. The good things are that it looks like a "real" email client with a preview pane and everything. The interface is clean and any normal person will be able to get into using it without any problems -- in other words, it is not as eccentric of an interface as the Gmail interface. The use of tabs within the new Yahoo! Mail Beta interface is a fantastic idea! Although Jeremy complains about the interface being more mouse-driven than keyboard-driven, I am OK with that. If I wanted a keyboard-driven mail application, I'd stick to using pine or mutt. The search feature of Yahoo! Mail Beta is something that gets overlooked by most people, but I encourage you to give it a try since it actually works well. Although I am not testing Gmail, I still have the spam experiment going on with it. I am trying to fill up my mailbox with mail. So far, I am up to 3% with some creative uses of email lists (thanks for a good suggestion JR!) and Google's own news alerts. Oh, and I posted a few times to the Usenet with the address, but so far no spam. Sigh. As for everyone else, send me something large. I think the size limit is 10MB per message.

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