New Watch and Resizing...

december 1, 2005

I took some new pictures, check them out -- I took one of the back of the watch so that you can see the cool glass on the back of the watch which lets you see the inner-workings. Anyways, Eileen and I went to Oakridge Mall to find a jeweler to resize the bracelet on the watch for me. We stopped by Kay Jeweler and they gave us a 10% coupon for Fast Fix Jewelry Repair. I had a sneaky suspicion that jewelers would not do resizing if the watch was not bought from them -- even with a small white lie of "uh, I got this as a gift...". When we got to Fast Fix, I asked the guy about the price. He asked to see the watch and I put my hand into my jacket pocket and (as I directly quote some words from my wife) pulled out my watch in a "ghetto" fashion like I "just stole it from someone". Heh. Anyways, the guy told me the price was going to be $7 to get the bracelet resized, he looked at how many links to remove and told us that it'll be done in 30 minutes. Eileen and I went shopping and came back in 40 something minutes, when the guy saw us, he was apologetic and said that he misquoted the price...It was really $15. Huh? But, he took off $5 and made it $10, which was not too bad. But, they should really quote the prices more accurately at Fast Fix jewelry Repair. The watch now fits perfectly, just a little loose like I like it. I am going to put it into my watch rotation now. Hehe.

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