The World is Flat

december 5, 2005

Aaron mentioned this book in a comment in July. I hadn't gotten to getting the book until yesterday! And even then, I did not realize that Aaron had suggested it until I got home and went, "Hey, wait a minute here. I think Aaron suggested this book a few months ago!" Heh. Anyways, I was shopping at Costco with my wife for normal household items, but in super bulk quantities -- because, when it is just my wife and I at home, we gotta have a years worth of toilet paper stashed away in the closet cause it costs less to buy in bulk (I did get a nice sweatshirt and super warm sweatpants also. And she got some really soft socks). Hehe. Anyways, we were browsing the book "aisle" of Costco and I ran into this book right next to Jarhead. I had read the first two chapters of Jarhead, and though it was interesting, I still can't get myself to get the book. Then I looked at "The World Is Flat" by Thomas L. Friedman and it looked really interesting (plus, I think in the back of my mind, I remembered Aaron's comment). So, for 1/2 off the cover price, I picked up the book. I read the first 30 pages last night and it is quite a good read so far. Friedman's prose is excellent and keeps my attention quite well. I cannot wait to see what he writes about in the book because the first 30 pages were quite insightful. I will let you know how the book is when I finish. I looked in the index and there are multiple mentions of Yahoo!, Sony and even Google.

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