Deadly Linguine

december 6, 2005

Yesterday, I was really hungry at lunch, so I went downstairs to the cafeteria to grab some lunch. There was the regular tacos, burritos, and taco salads. There was also pizza, sandwiches, and a vegetarian dish. But, what stood out was the delicious looking Linguine with Brussel Sprouts and a bacon sauce -- plus a nice dinner roll. I ordered it and went back to my desk to eat. After eating, I felt vaguely weird, nothing serious though. I continued to work and went home. When I got home, I was really feeling bad. Nauseous, dizzy, achy and my back was killing me. And that is my experience with the Deadly Linguine. I am still dealing with it. Drinking lots of liquids, taking Tylenol for the back pain, and Imodium for the...err...not so pleasant stuff. I am going to try to see a doctor tomorrow, see what they say. My guess is that they will say that it is food poisoning. Not sure if I will eat at that cafeteria anymore, this is the second time that I have gotten sick from their food -- I will probably email them to let them know. For you Yahoos out there, I work in Building F, so you know which cafeteria I will probably not eat at anymore. Now, it is off to get more liquids and lay in bed.

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