Uh...How is this Different?

december 7, 2005

Newsweek is running this article on Google's Ten Golden Rules. They are, well, no different than what most companies have anyways. What's the difference? Is it just because the name "Google" is attached to it? Probably. The article is a complete fluff piece promoting Google (although, when I went to read the article, it was choked full of MSN ads, how ironic). Check some of these out.

The list goes on and on. All of them standard industry practices. It is just sad that everything that has the name "Google" attached to it seems like some gold colored poop. Maybe I am just a little more cranky today because I am sick, but I am getting seriously tired of all this Google stuff. Yea, they are a great company and I am glad they are around -- who else would give Yahoo! a challenge? -- but, what is tiring is the media's constant attention with them. I mean, can they do wrong? Oh yes, they can. Google Base is so out there that no one really understands it and the only people that are using it seem to be pron pushers, spammers, and otherwise jokers. Beats me. One day there will be a new hot internet company and the gold shine on Google's poop will come off.

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