Cleaner, Smaller, and More Blue...

december 9, 2005

Earlier this year, I changed the theme for ultramookie. And I promised/threatened that I would tweak it a little bit more later on. I finally had a chance to tweak the layout and colors. I used the Color Scheme Generator 2 to get some "harmonious" colors to compliment that single shade of blue that I picked for the site. I got one darker and one lighter -- nice to have some variety. I tried contrasting colors (which ended up being orange and a pumpkin-pie-brown), but those did not work out all that well. The only remnant of that experiementation is the orange-brownish dotted line used to seperate things. I changed the font from a serif to a san serif -- and then made it smaller (as much as I liked the full-sized font, I couldn't stand how "large print Reader's Digest" it made the site look). I dropped the "Filed under" that was next to the categories, it seemed extraneous. I also dropped the "-mookie" sig thing at the end of all posts, too much ego. I moved the main text in a little bit to seperate it from the title and meta data. I think that's most everything major. Lots of minor tweaking. Let me know what you think. Is the font too small? Does the site look to "cold" or "icy"? Is that good or bad?

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