december 10, 2005

Hi, my name is Steve Kong, otherwise known as Mookie (rent Do The Right Thing to see where I got the name from). This is my journal (I started doing this before the whole "blog" thing came around) of sorts. I write randomly about things that interest me at any given point in time. But, usually, I will be writing about my life, technology, my job, gadgets, movies, gaming, and movies. I am a waning fan of Apple stuff. I have been a Mac user since System 7 and am currently using a Powerbook 15" 1.67Ghz (early 2005 edition). I have an iPhone 8GB, iPod 4G 40GB, iPod nano 2GB (black) and an iPod shuffle 512MB. I am also a big fan of Linux distributions and am particular to any flavor that comes from a Red Hat lineage. I am a Unix geek. I was born and raised in California and have spent most of my life living in the Silicon Valley. Wish me a happy birthday on June 22nd if you remember. I spent many years working at Sony Electronics before moving to Yahoo! where I am currently. During the time I was at Sony, I traveled extensively and you can read about those days in my blog (somewhere between 2001 and 2003). I currently reside in South San Jose with my beautiful wife, Eileen. In December 2006, our beautiful boy, Jacob arrived. He is the center of our lives. I am a tall (6'4") Chinese dude with a big goofy smile. And, that is the extent of the About page. Feel free to use the content on the site as long as you adhere to the Creative Commons License for which the material is covered under. You can copy, distribute, display, perform the work, and make derivative works as long as you give me credit for the work, don't use it commercially, and share any changes that you make to my work under the same Creative Commons License. Enjoy the site, Steve

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