How A Blog Entry Comes Together

december 10, 2005

So, how do I decide when, what, how, where and who to blog about? Here's your chance to experience the psychotic workings of Mookie's Mind... Man...I'm bored...I guess I'll surf the web... Looked at Flickr...Cool! Someone commented, I'll show the wife. Maybe, I'll check out some of the RSS feeds I read. Ah, JR posted something on Christmas music, funny entry. Whoa, that totally gives me an idea. I think I'll go with a stream-of-consciousness type posting...But, what on? Hmm... Hey, why not finally post about what makes a posting on here. Yea, great idea. I like that idea. Me too, I like that idea too. So, should there be some meat to the posting? Or should it be all ramblings? Lets look at digg to see if there's anything interesting over there. Man, did I already post a few times today already? Dude, that Spike Video Game Awards really sucked ass...too bad, cause Sam Jackson was the host. Well, look! An article on the Xbox 360 in Japan! This one has got to be juicy. Let's read it. Oh, look. Microsoft didn't do well. Hehe. Yea, take that Billy Gates. Woo. Not good at all. The Japanese didn't even bite at the chance to snag an Xbox 360 for some $70 less than it is selling in other parts of the world. Oh, wow. Microsoft really screwed the pooch by trying to release a console in a country that loves RPGs -- and well, not having a launch RPG game for them! Geez. What thinking? I guess I should quote something...oh, that looks like a good one. "[O]ne retailer in Tokyo even said that he had sold less than 50 consoles in the first two hours." Yikes. Not good, not good for Microsoft. Well, that looks like a posting to me. I guess I'll stop now. Aren't you glad I don't do my postings this way all the time?

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