New iPod shuffle? In Black?

december 10, 2005

Here is an article that speculates that Apple will be releasing a new version of the iPod shuffle soon. The main difference will be that the shuffle will be "smaller than a stick of gum" and may come in different colors. The capacity will stay the same as the current models (512MB and 1GB) as will the price. The article says that there will be no increase in capacity so that the shuffle does not enter the nano's market space. Apple has a knack for creating cool stuff, and as much as I love the iPod line, I think they really do need something to shake up the iPod line. Selling a new version of the shuffle that has no capacity increase or price drop is not going to get me to buy a new one, my shuffle is already small enough and works just fine. Maybe there are more people to go after with the iPod line, but Apple has to start thinking of something revolutionary that will kick current iPod users in the pants. Something that will make people go out and buy a new one. The iPod video is nice, but still, I don't want to watch video on a tiny screen. The iPod nano is nice also, but it doesn't sound as good as my shuffle. I am sure there are Apple engineers packed away in some white lab located somewhere near 1 Infinite Way working on the "next big thing". I just wish they would hurry up.

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