Spike Video Game Awards 2005

december 10, 2005

Yikes! I tuned in last year to the Spike Video Game Awards (VGA) and after a few minutes tuned out. I only tuned in this year because the great Samuel L. Jackson was hosting the show. But, not even he could rescue the Spike VGA. I am swearing off these awards for a while. What a mess. I mean, where are the people who really make video games happen? Where are the nerds and geeks? Where are the programmers? Where are the artists? All we get are watered down awards that go to Charlize Theron and Jack Black. Bleh. I want to see John Smith, the dude who wrote the code for the physics engine in the game XYZ receive an award. Sigh. Oh, by the way, if I didn't know better, the cool phrases used nowadays have the word "ass" in them since all the presenters and award winners seemed to use it. For instance, the two overused phrases: "kick ass" and "bad ass". Try this one: Spike VGA sucks ass. Whee!

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