Highly Doubtful, But Still Interesting...

december 15, 2005

Cnet is running an article claiming that US providers (mainly Verizon and Sprint) are looking to get away from the CDMA standard that they are currently using. The article says that they are looking to move to the GSM standard which Cingular/AT&T, T-Mobile and most of the rest of the world use. According to the head of Siemens' mobile networks business, "CDMA is losing market share globally as the new mobile phone users live mostly in the areas where GSM is the leading technology." He also says that Latin America is currently switching from CDMA over to GSM. I think most of us will agree: What is most important is not which standard a provider has, what is most important it is a provider's coverage. I could careless if it is GSM or CDMA, just give me good coverage and good customer service and I am fine. The move from CDMA to GSM cannot cure Sprint of its terrible (and I mean terrible) customer service. The move from CDMA to GSM cannot cure Verizon of its high prices (it may even exacerbate them). So, although I think GSM is cooler because I can move my SIM card from phone to phone, I am highly doubtful that either Verizon or Sprint will undergo the massive task of converting from CDMA to GSM in the US market.

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