Yahoo! Answers

december 15, 2005

Yahoo! Answers is a bit addictive. I dropped by the site two days ago to see what the fuss was about. I was not expecting much because it is just a question and answer site, but there is an addictive quality to it -- and I think it is the whole point/level system that Yahoo! has implemented. You get points for answering questions, rating questions, and picking best answers. You "level up" like in any RPG game with the more points you get. There are daily limits placed on lower rated people: Level 1 gets to answer 10 questions, rate 10 answers, and ask 10 questions. Level 2 gets twice that. Level 3 gets three times. Level 5 and up get unlimited. This throttles the people who want to level up pretty quickly and forces them to answer and rate only quality questions. Beats me, I find myself spending quite a few minutes at Yahoo! Answers everytime I visit. It's crazy. Anyways, give it a shot and see if you get addicted too.

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