december 21, 2005

I don't really get to write about movies as much as I want -- that's how this whole writing for the internet thing got started -- so a movie has to be exceptionally good or equally bad for me to write about it. The amazing thing about Netflix is its uncanny ability to recommend movies based on my previous ratings -- and those of people with similar tastes. Last week, Netflix recommended a documentary named Faster and I put it on my queue and scooted it up to the top of the list. I have a fascination with things that go fast -- and what goes faster on pavement than a motorcycle? That was the whole appeal of the movie Faster for me. The movie arrived today and I just finished watching it. Faster is narrated by Ewan McGregor and is all about the Moto GP. The film has some slow patches, but overall it is very entertaining and engaging. It is insane listening to racers like Valentino Rossi talk about the rush of being on a bike, something I'll probably never get to experience. These guys are going 200mph on a bike, controlling it by throwing their body weight around. If anything can be as exciting as that, I am not sure what it is. It was painful to watch all the crashes and to hear about Wayne Rainey's paralysis after a fall. It was tough to watch Garry McCoy chase after the world championship, only to see him tear up his body while doing it -- and not getting a win. It was fun to see the rivalry between Rossi and Biaggi -- though it really isn't a rivalry since Rossi is so much better than Biaggi. This was a very interesting film. If you have any love for speed, then you should check out this film. Recommended.

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