I Lost My Life!

december 21, 2005

Hitachi is getting ready a 5TB 3.5" Drive! And it is aimed at the same doe eyed computer users of today who still can't back up their data to save their lives. And yes, you read it right -- that's 5 TERABYTES, for normal people: That's 5000 times more storage than 1GB. Or to put it in terms of an iPod: It's just shy of 1000 times more storage than a 60GB iPod Video. Or if you really want it simple: It is a lot of storage. Just think what will happen when these consumers start dumping EVERYTHING they have onto a 5TB disk. It's such a overwhelming size of a disk, it is insane to think of what can and will be lost. At that size, I think it would be great if computer makers could start building some redundancy into storage -- put two of those things into a system and mirror them, that would be the easiest way. Then the consumer doesn't really have to worry when one disk fails -- although, in a catastrophe, it is still all or nothing. Doing backups of the disk would be a task in and of itself! DVDs would be of no help: it would take almost 600 8.5GB per dual-layer DVDs to back up the drive if full. Blu-ray wouldn't fare much better at 54GB per dual-layer Blu-ray disc, it would take almost 100 discs to backup a full drive. Of course, none of that takes into account the staggering amount of time it would take to backup a drive that size. Of course, the real question is: Does a normal computer user really need that amount of storage?

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