Just How Much Do You Blog Mookie?

december 21, 2005

Russ counted the number of postings that he did in 2005 (and also did a list) and that has inspired me to do the same. Though, I will have lots of postings to come this year (and into the future), I just wanted to do a count right now (I'll post something in January with a real number of posts for 2005). After figuring out the SQL to get the number of postings, I have come up with a number: This is my 671st posting for 2005 -- and the 1766th posting since I started writing on July 8, 2001. Yow! I did not know that I wrote that much. The number shows that I am short of posting twice a day, but really, I was aiming at just doing one posting a day! I'll save the full listing of the 2005 postings for the end of the year. Anyways, I surprised myself with the number of postings. Is it a lot? Is it too little? Do I keep everyone entertained?

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